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Closing March 29, 2023

Tender Location: Executive Engineer Central Civil Division No.VII Pakistan PWD Islamabad

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GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN PAKISTAN PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT No.EE/CCD-VII/AB/TN/139 Islamabad, the 27/02/2023 TENDER NOTICE Sealed Tenders are invited on a percentage rate basis; from civil contractors registered with
PakistanEngineering Council in the relevant category and possess renewal licenses from
Pakistan Engineering Council for the year 2022-23 and having C-6 & above category.
The applications along with the CDR amount mentioned against each work for
issuance of bidding documents will be received up to date 17-03-2023 After the closing
date of the application for issuance of bidding documents, one week will be allocated for
verification of the documents submitted by the interested firms and during this period no
application will be received. After verification of documents, bidding documents will be issued
up to date 28-03-2023 against cash payment (non-refundable)The intended firms will submit
their bid on 29-03-2023 at 12.00 PM and will be opened on the same date at12.30 PM.
OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. No tender will be sold /received by post/telegraphically or
E-Mail on the date of opening of tenders. 2. Tenders will be sold on the written application on the original pad of the contractor/firm
who has not been involved in any embezzlement and litigation.
3. The application should accompany an attested copy of CNIC, a certificate showing, Category and field of specialization as well as a certificate of renewal from the P.E.C of the firm/contractor for the year 2022-23.
Furthermore, the tender will only be issued to the owner of the firm or his authorized representative having legal power of attorney for this work specifically. 4. The firm/contractor should also furnish an attested copy
of a certificate showing his registration with the Income Tax department/Active Tax Payers for the current
financial year and partnership deed in case of partnership or affidavit declaring himself sole proprietor of the firm,
whichever is applicable. 5. Each tender must be accompanied by a Deposit at Call in favour of the undersigned as mentioned
against each work from any scheduled Bank, clearly, the name of the tenderer shall be given on the face of CDR.
6. No tender will be entertained without a deposit at the call of the required amount, which will not be refunded before the finalization of the tender. 7. Tender can be purchased/had as per prescribed cost (Non-refundable) as
mentioned against each work on the dates mentioned above from the office of the undersigned during office hours before the date of opening of tenders. 8. Under rule 33(1) of PPRA Rules 2004, the undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or proposals at any time prior to acceptance of a bid or proposal with assigning 9. The submission of tenders by the
contractor implies that he is fully conversant with any reason. the site of work, the scope of work and the terms and conditions
laid down in the tender. Earnest money
fixed amount be given Estimated cost Cost of tenders Time For Completion Name of Scheme/work National Special Education Centre For Physically Handicapped Children G-8/4 1 12,253,835 612,000 2000 03-months Islamabad & Directorate General of Special Education Hanna Road G-8/4 Islamabad National Special Education Centre for Hearing 2 Impaired Children H-9, Islamabad National
Special Education Centre for Visually 23,603,614 1,180,000 2000 03-months 3 Handicapped Children, St No, 11 & National Braille Press G-7/2 Islamabad National Training Centre for Special Persons 10,958,224 547,000 2000 03-months 4 G-9/1 Islamabad 7,414,915 370,000 2000 03-months National Institute of Special Education & 5 National Mobility and Independence Training 14,294,747 714,000 2000 03-months Centre H-8/4 Islamabad Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Development Disorders (RCCDD) & Violation 6 Rehabilitation & Employment of Disabled H-8/4 Islamabad 17,466,880873,000 200003-months 7 Library and Islamabad. ResourcesCentre-7 Markaz 14,717,385 734,000 2000 03-months Executive Engineer Central Civil Division No.VII Pakistan PWD Islamabad

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