Expression of Interest (EOI) Hiring Of Firm Testing Agency Of Educators in Punjab

Govt. of Punjab is committed to ensuring maximum enrollment & retention of all school- age children and to provide them Quality Education. In this connection, School Education Department (SED) intends to recruit 5,000 Educators, on a need-basis in schools with acute teacher shortage in particular, from candidates having at least (16 years) of education in the relevant subjects. It has been decided that prior to the submission of applications by the eligible candidates for the vacant posts of School Teachers (Educators), the interested candidates should | have to appear for a Test to be conducted by a qualified Testing Agency to be hired and appointed by School Education Department.

Last date for submission of EOI Documents Date: 12 December 2022 till Time:11:00 am EOI Opening Date & Time The 16th December 2022 till Time: 11:30 am

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